Top furnace brands for the Denver area

The furnace is the heart of the house heating system, keeping the inside space warm even in cold weather. That is why it is critical to select an efficient new or upgraded furnace to properly heat the home while avoiding high heating bills. Several of the top furnace brands have been in business for more than a century, and have a long history in the HVAC industry.

DALCO Heating & Air Conditioning, your trusted HVAC contractor in Denver, provides a list of the finest furnace brands of 2022. We wish to assist you in your quest for the perfect furnace for a new home or to replace an old one. Take your time to learn about the benefits of each brand and select the choice that best matches your needs and preference.


Known for: The Trane S9X1 gas furnace has been tested for long-term performance and durability and is a fantastic investment with an Energy Star rating of up to 96 percent.

Trane started in 1885 as a plumbing and pipe-fitting firm. It did not start producing heating and cooling solutions until 1916. Reuben Trane, son of the company’s founder, James Trane, designed the convector radiator around a decade later to replace the heavy cast-iron radiators that were widely used at the time. This idea helped build the company’s brand and add to its success throughout the years. American Standard bought Trane in 1984.

Trane’s goal has always fostered innovation and robust technology, so it is natural that the company’s products are long-lasting, efficient, and packed with cutting-edge features. While the initial cost may be too expensive for some budgets, the investment pays off in the long term, with lesser repairs and maintenance issues than rivals.


Known for: Lennox furnaces come with several features, including noise-reducing capabilities and variable blower motors.

Long before Lennox became a multinational business, it began as a modest equipment repair shop in Marshalltown, Iowa, in 1895. Dave Lennox, the company’s founder, realized the promise of a revolutionary furnace concept and funded the patent. Later that year, he created the Lennox Furnace Company and started to work on refining the furnace design, which led to significant breakthroughs in the industry.

With over a century of expertise in the heating and cooling industry, it should come as no surprise that Lennox technologies are reliable and efficient. This forward-thinking corporation also invests heavily in creating new furnace advancements, such as excellent efficiency rates, variable capacity motors, and noise-reducing insulation.


Known for: Carrier is a trusted furnace brand among experts for producing lengthy heating and cooling systems for the house.

Carrier, headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, was founded in 1915 as Willis Carrier’s trademark brand. In Syracuse, New York, he founded a separate production and distribution company to create heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems; even so, Carrier has since diversified its product options to include commercial cooling systems, food service equipment, and fire and safety products.

Carrier furnaces are not cheap, but they are less expensive than certain luxury brands, allowing users to attain the same level of comfort at a lower cost. These durable furnaces come in many performance and pricing ranges to fit customers’ demands, from low-efficiency units with an 80 percent fuel efficiency to high-efficiency systems that may exceed 98 percent efficiency.

American Standard

Known for: Although the upfront cost may be more than that of other manufacturers, American Standard furnaces often require minimal repairs and maintenance throughout time.

American Standard was created over a century ago in 1929 and has gone through various name and ownership changes. The American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation were founded by the combination of the American Radiator Company and the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company. This was the company’s name until 1967 when it was rebranded as American Standard Corporation.

After acquiring the Trane HVAC firm, American Standard updated its official name to Trane in 2007 after divesting everything saving the HVAC section of the business. The firm was sold to Ingersoll Rand the year after, while the Trane and American Standard trademarks are still in use today. American Standard furnaces are known for their long-lasting efficacy and power economy ratings, yet the initial purchase of the furnace may be prohibitively expensive for individuals on a tight budget. Investors who purchase an American Standard furnace will obtain high-quality heating with a lower chance of maintenance issues and repairs.


Known for: Rheem is well known for its boilers and water heaters, but they also sell high-quality furnaces.

Rheem was founded in 1930 by brothers Richard and Donald Rheem when they purchased Pacific Galvanizing, although the company did not begin manufacturing residential heating systems until 1956. Before this time, the firm was renowned as the leading maker of automated water heaters in the US, however, production was curtailed during WWII to focus on wartime items. With the development of its residential heating systems, Rheem purchased the Ruud company in 1960 and has utilized both trademarks to build high-quality furnaces ever since. Rheem furnaces are a dependable alternative at a reasonable price, making them an attractive choice for families that want great features but do not have the financial means to purchase a premium product. While these furnaces are constructed to last, they are also designed with the environment in mind, resulting in excellent efficiency and minimal emissions.


Known for: Goodman furnaces have an excellent level of durability and sturdy build quality. The firm also provides numerous warranty options to aid protect the system from any unexpected troubles.

While Goodman was formed in 1975 as a maker of plastic blade registers and flexible air ducts, Harold V. Goodman’s mission was to provide cheap HVAC equipment for the typical household. Goodman purchased Janitrol in 1982 and joined the HVAC manufacturing market, later expanding into gas heating equipment in 1986.

Goodman is well-recognized for manufacturing dependable and long-lasting gas heaters and other HVAC systems. When consumers choose to invest in a Goodman product, they can anticipate a high level of quality at an affordable price. If there is any uncertainty regarding the efficiency of the products, Goodman also offers different warranty packages to give customers peace of mind. If you are in the market for a new HVAC system in Denver, the Trane, Lennox, Carrier, American Standard, Rheem, and Goodman names are industry leaders you can trust. We’ll help you choose the best furnace that aligns with your needs and budget. Contact DALCO Heating & Air Conditioning today via our online contact form or call us at 303-979-7541. You may also visit us at 4610 S Ulster St #150, Denver, CO 80237, United States. We can’t wait to serve you.

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