Creating Zones to Control Comfort in your Home

Make Your Denver Home a Comfortable Home

Do you have rooms that never get quite cool enough in the summer? Or perhaps your house has pockets of space that never seem to get heat. Oftentimes homeowners have to resort to excessively turning up or down their thermostat in order for one particular part of the house to get sufficient heat. In doing this, a lot of energy is wasted to heat or cool areas that aren't needed. And that waste will be seen on your monthly energy bills.

One great solution for having a house that doesn't have consistent heating or cooling throughout every room, is to incorporate temperature zoningDALCO Heating and Air Conditioning are your Denver-area zoning professionals. We install temperature zoning technology to give you more control over the heating and cooling in specific areas of your home.

What is Temperature Zoning?

Temperature Zoning is a process of creating that allows you more control over the temperatures in particular areas or rooms of your home. Think about it, there are rooms in your home that you probably don't use all that often. It could be a guest room or an office. Meanwhile, there are other areas that you probably spend a majority of your time, such as the living room and kitchen.

Temperature zoning in a house, grouping high usage rooms together

In controlling the heating and cooling in your entire house, you have just one thermostat (unless you have more than one heating and cooling system controlling different levels in your home).

But in heating up the spaces are using, you are also wasting unneeded energy to also heat up or cool those areas not in use.

Temperature Zoning groups together different areas in your home so that you can adjust the temperature for that area. Rooms that are close together get zoned together. For example, the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom could be one zone, while the kitchen and dining room may be another. The rooms are grouped together based on location as well as usage needs.


How Does Temperature Zoning Work?

Each zoned space will have system that consists of a control panel, dampers installed in your existing duct work, and a temperature control.

When you choose DALCO Heating & Air Conditioning in Denver to install the temperature zones for your home, we will discuss your particular needs with you. We want to know what areas of the home receive the most usage and if there are any areas not currently receiving the desired amount of heating and/or cooling.

After the installation, we will make sure you have all the information to accurately set the temperature in your new zones. Properly utilizing your new temperature zoning system means you will be saving energy and money.


Arzel® Zoning

DALCO Heating & Air Conditioning uses Arzel Zoning. Arzel has been an industry leader and manufacturing the technology for zone control for more than 30 years. Their systems are among the most reliable, efficient and quietest. Plus, they are easy to install. That means we can quickly and conveniently create the temperature zones in your home.

You can rest assured you will receive a quality system and installation when you call DALCO for Temperature Zoning. Not only are our technicians trained and experience at installing residential temperature zones, all Arzel systems are covered by a Lifetime Parts warranty when registering it within 90 days of installation.


Get Temperature Zoning in Your Home!

Contact us at DALCO Heating & Air Conditioning in Denver to learn how a temperature zoning system can solve the comfort issues you have in your home. You can schedule an appointment with us online or call us at 303.979.7541. In addition to providing professional temperature zoning systems, we also install Ductless Mini Split systems which are great solutions for controlling the temperature of a single room or small space.