Can a Heat Pump Work in Denver, CO?

So, you’re looking to buy a heat pump. And you’re wondering if a heat pump will work in the Denver area home. The answer is yes, sometimes.

The Denver area has various temperature extremes, ranging from super cold winter snaps to the intense, hot sun shining in your home all summer. Many homeowners believe that a standard HVAC system is the only method to keep their homes warm and cool. What about installing a heat pump? Heat pumps have a record for being only reliable in relatively warm climates. But, because of technological advances, this is no longer the case.

Heat Pump in Denver

Heat pumps are commonly considered a device that helps keep your Denver area house warm during the winter months. However, it is frequently neglected that heat pumps are also among the most energy-efficient solutions to cool your home during the hot months. As a result, heat pumps are ideal for Denver residents due to the broad temperature ranges we see all year long. In this blog, our experts at DALCO Heating and Air Conditioning will give you some advice to help you understand that Heat Pumps do more than just warm your Denver, CO home.

Definition of a Heat Pump

A heat pump is a mechanical device used to transfer temperature from one place to another. Heat pumps utilize relatively little energy to push or “pump” warmer air around because heat naturally flows from a higher temperature to a lower temperature to achieve thermal equilibrium. A heat pump delivers warm air throughout the chilly Denver winter months by extracting heat from the air or ground and bringing it into your house.

The heat from your home is moved outdoors throughout the summer, leaving cooler air behind. Moving heat from one location to another, rather than creating heat like a furnace or central air conditioning unit, will consume substantially less energy, resulting in significant cost savings over other forms of HVAC systems.

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How does a heat pump work?

Heat pumps heat and cools your house by transporting heat around and using a reversing valve to modify the current flow of the refrigerant according to whether cooling or heating is necessary. Heat pumps, like split central air conditioning systems, include both an inside and exterior unit. They also share certain significant components, which are as follows:


The compressor pumps and cycles the refrigerant as it moves between the interior and outdoor units, absorbing and releasing heat.

Condenser and Evaporator Coils

The condenser and evaporator coils interact with the compressor to heat or cool the air based on the mode of the heat pump.

Air Handler

The air handler blows warmed or cooled air into the home’s ductwork to spread the cooled or warmed air.

Heat Strips

Heat strips are an electric heating element used for auxiliary (backup) heat when the outside temperature is too low for heat recovery and an additional heat source is required.

Reversing Valves

Reversing valves are unique to heat pumps and change the directional flow of the refrigerant to either warm or cool the interior of your house. Heat pumps, as opposed to central air conditioning systems, are much more efficient at heating your Denver home in the winter months because they remove heat from the outside air and pump it indoors, whereas a central AC system must use a lot more energy in the form of gas or electricity to create heat in your home, raising the amount of your utility bill.

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Is a Heat Pump Trustworthy in Denver, CO?

Heat pumps are an excellent method to heat and cool your house. Yes, they can do both; you can have a single system that will keep your home warm during the winter and cool in summer while still being energy efficient.

In the winter, your heat pump will extract heat from the heat molecules in the air outside, which will then be heated and pumped into your house.

In the summer, your heat pump operates in reverse, sucking heat from the air and releasing it outdoors. This strategy may be quite successful in maintaining the comfort of your house.

So, how does this system work in Denver, CO? Absolutely, because the dry air in our area cools off at night and in the morning, pulling heat from the air within your home may be quite effective. Especially if you leave your windows open at night to let cold air in.

We can have chilly days in the winter, therefore a decent heat pump can function well in place of a furnace. The trick here is to choose the best heat pump. Some heat pumps may not operate well in colder climates, but installing the proper brand or type can make a significant impact on your comfort quality during the winter months.

Selecting the Best Heat Pump for Your Denver Home

As previously said, selecting the correct heat pump may make or break your home’s comfort. DALCO Heating and Air Conditioning can assist you if you are considering installing a heat pump in your house. Are you looking for a reliable HVAC company? Look no further than DALCO Heating and Air Conditioning

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DALCO Heating and Air Conditioning Offer the Best Heat Pumps in Denver, CO

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