Sterilizing & Cleaning Indoor Air from Mold Problems in Denver Area

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The problem with indoor air quality is relatively new. Over the decades, our efforts to better insulate our home to increase comfort control and reduce energy waste have created a problem with our indoor air quality. But this decreased natural ventilation caused problems of its own. One major issue was how this situation promoted mold growth. People in these newer-built homes were suffering with the moisture and indoor air pollutants not vented out by older, more drafty houses.

Some people experience illnesses and ailments caused by this decreased ventilation. Some issues people can suffer in these homes include increased allergy symptoms, allergic reactions and more prone to seasonal illnesses.


Magnified mold spores, which inside a home can cause illness and allergies

Magnified mold spores, which inside a home can cause illness and allergies and other issues with poor indoor air quality. Source: Wikipedia, John A [CC BY-SA (]

Mold can grow just about anywhere. Mold is hard to control. It grows rapidly and produces spores. And when it grows indoors, mold is not easy to remove.

According to the World Health Organization, the way to control indoor mold growth is to control moisture. The use of air conditioners and de-humidifiers can help decrease indoor mold problems. Learn more about the Ten Things You Should Know about Mold.


One successful way to combat the problems with mold affecting your indoor air is with Ultraviolet (UV) technology.  Ultraviolet germicidal lights have been shown to effectively improve indoor air quality. This type UV system has been utilized for decades in the sterilization of microorganisms in hospitals, laboratories and other places where sterilized air is vital.

UV systems have been utilized more recently in people’s heating and cooling units. In addition to combating the pollutants circulating in a home’s air, these UV systems also eliminate a lot of odors in the home.

DALCO Heating & Air Conditioning provides a variety of services to help improve the indoor air quality in homes across the greater Denver metro. In addition to air sterilization services, we are providers of high efficiency filters and carbon monoxide detectors.


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